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Pros And Cons Of Timber Ceilings

Timber ceilings are one of the most stylish yet sophisticated pieces of interior design that you can utilize to enhance your place. Numerous people in every corner of the world mostly use timber ceilings inside their living room, kitchen, guest room, or office space. 

If you are striving to get your house renovated or want to enhance the space in a contemporary style and are confused about what to use for your walls or ceilings, then you have come to the right place. The first and most important thing to take into consideration is to ensure that you coat any timber projects you undertake with a layer of timber oil.

There are various pros and cons of choosing timber ceilings for your home. 

There are numerous pros to having a timber ceiling at your place. These pros are as follows: 

Pleasant for the environment – Timber ceilings are made with proper natural materials. It makes you compliment the beauty of nature as well as the stylistic vibe of your place. The timber is 100% a biodegradable product and is entirely safe for our environment and human health. 

Versatile – The timber that is used for making the ceilings of homes or offices comes in a massive variety. The timber variety gives you immense choices as to what kind of wood you want to use. It should be noted however that different types of timber require different levels of maintenance and care. For example, some timber is more suited to Merbau decking oil than others, so ensure you research thoroughly prior. 

It also provides you the options to customize the timber into the patterns that you want it to be. The timber can be provided in the shapes of panels, planks, tiles, long sticks, and more. 

Moreover, the timber ceiling is very adjustable, and you can hide the wiring of the house or office underneath its plain layer. 

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Endurance: High-quality or fine timber can be used for years. Its durability is commendable. If the timber ceiling is carefully maintained and is nicely taken care of, you might not require renovating your house for an ample amount of time now. 

Soundproof qualities: Timber ceilings make your space soundproof completely. No amount of unnecessary sounds or irritating noises either come into your space or will go out of your space. A soundproof ceiling is very necessary for keeping your private things inside your space only. Its insulating properties make timber one of the most used products for ceilings and walls. 

As there is a saying that nothing is perfect, we all know that no perfect products exist in our world. Yes, the timber ceiling is one of the most used products for the ceiling, but timber ceilings can be a little hard to maintain. 

Susceptive – Timber is a natural product that is not created or produced. It is only carved and shaped into the desired form. Timber ceilings can be hard to maintain as they are highly responsive to water. Water can damage the quality of timber. When it comes into contact with any form of liquid, the timber can crack or rot

However, the timber is not only susceptive to liquid; it is also responsive to fire and pests. Also, an individual must carefully clean their place every day to avoid any such pests spread. The timber before installing in the house has to be cleaned with chemical compounds to prevent any such spread.