Common design mistakes to avoid when renovating.

Before renovating, it is a good idea to know the common mistakes that renovators make and how to avoid them. No one wants to waste time or money and end up with a layout that doesn’t work, or space they don’t enjoy being in. If you have no experience or idea of the interior style you want, then you may consider using a professional interior design company in Melbourne rather than attempting to plan and execute the renovation yourself. If you are determined to complete the project yourself, here are some are a few common mistakes that renovators make to be aware of:

One size fits all

A big mistake in renovating is when renovators use the same strategy on every project they tackle. There are tools, templates and processes, but you cannot have a cookie cutter approach. If you use the same design plans and details on all renovation projects then you may miss the value of each unique property. Each project that you undertake you need to sit down first and work out your strategy first and take into the account the main considerations for the task. This is what professional commercial interior designers do. By taking this approach you will end up with better results each time.

Forgetting the entrance of your home

While you may think it is important to have the perfect bathroom and kitchen, people tend to forget the overall presentation of your home, the driveway, the entry to the front door and even the front lawn – these are some of the first things you see of a property. Make sure your plan includes renovations for the exterior of the house. Consider major improvements to the verandah, door hardware, decking, even updating the exterior with timber cladding will greatly improve the presentation of the home.

Forgetting to utilise every inch of the home

Many homes will have unused space or an area that is quite ‘quirky’ but not highly useful. This can be as simple as a study area at the end of the kitchen or making the kitchen bigger to add a study nook. You want to squeeze every part out of the plan so you can maximize the value of your home. Do your research on how other design companies have approached layouts for rooms that have similar dimensions to yours.

Poor work and finishes

Renovating is about updating a property with effective design layouts and techniques to produce a great finish for the home or commercial property. There is no room for unsafe practice or the cheap finishes. Producing poor results will take you down the wrong track in more ways than one, with legal proceedings if there are any accidents. Any significant changes you are making such as installing new timber feature walls or changing electrical details, you must consult a professional. Make sure you always use professional tradesmen and good quality products. Steer clear of cheap tricks to cut corners.

Pretending to understand everything about design

Many people cannot read blueprint plans or understand tradespeople lingo. Instead, they just assume and make quick decisions on layout and other major design decisions. Make sure you ask for explanations on anything you’re not sure of. Using some painters tape, tape out space which will give you a better view than any sketch or app will do.

Expecting things to work out to plan

Working on a renovation, for your home or commercial, can bring many unforeseen surprises. When older buildings are involved, who knows what is going to be behind the wall that you are knocking down. Unlike new construction that is now more controlled, renovating doesn’t always go smoothly and according to the plan.

The decision to either buy a home to renovate and sell or to live in is not one to take lightly. It is important to think every aspect of the project through thoroughly before you get started. Contact your local building designer or architect, as well as real estate professionals to see if the renovations are possible and safe to undertake and just how it is going to affect the value of the property. Some renovations can up the price, and some can actually decrease its value. Hence, if you want to buy, renovate and then sell make sure you check out what level of renovations will bring you the most profit.