Air Compressor Alternative Options

Air compressors have been a great revelation and breakthrough in the technological world. It has helped in accomplishing distinct tasks in both domestically and in the industry that would have been close to impossible to accomplish otherwise. 

However, with each breakthrough comes a challenge. Many air compressors are very expensive to acquire, install, and maintain. Air compressors service must be done by a highly skilled technician to install and maintain it. There are many hazards associated with the use of air compressors. Most air compressors operate above the regulatory standard pressure requirements. This has caused many fatalities, injuries, and damages in the industries that companies have spent billions of dollars to rectify. There is also the challenge of the unclean airs being ejected from the nozzles of air compressors.

This air is contaminated with either oil, dust, or other dangerous particles that can rush into the eyes, nose, or mouth of the operator of the air compressor or someone close by and cause severe injury or infection. It is based on these reasons that the shout for air compressors alternatives is becoming louder. In the domestic front, there are numerous air compressors alternatives that are cheaper, more portable, and safer for the user. Let’s consider a few examples.

Air compressor alternatives in the market

When it comes to delivering lower to moderate air pressures, there are a number of great air compressors alternatives that are selling right now in the market. Most of these air compressors’ alternatives are electrically operated. They are cheap and affordable. There are also fewer health hazards associated with working with them. Let’s consider a few examples.

Electric Air Pumps

Kimo Cordless Leaf Blower – This electrically operated air compressor alternative pump is used in blowing leaves, cleaning computers, cars, and corners that will otherwise be hard to clean. The cordless nature of this modern cleaner makes it easy to be carried along to otherwise inaccessible areas for air cleaners with cords. It has a comfortable handle. You can use it in cleaning your courtyards, engines, and car garage. It is light. It can provide up to 20,000 RPM and can deliver within the optimal industry standard of 80-120 psi of pressure. Kimo Cordless Leaf Blower is loved by the customers that have purchased it. It is available in the market and sells at Amazon.

Intex Quick-Fill Electric Air – This portable air compressors alternative is used in removing dust from laptops and computers. It is a portable air pump with nozzles and adapters for charging. It is rated 110-120v with a Max airflow of 38.9cfm. This air pump is transportable and easy to carry. There are options of three connecting nozzles for inflatable valves. This air pump can deliver a maximum airflow of 1100lpm.

WORX – These are a brand of air pumps used in cleaning homes. You can use it in blowing, sweeping, or cleaning your homes. It is very portable. It is very light in weight and can be used to clean surfaces that are very hard to reach. It can deliver 120mph airspeed. It can remove tough and hard debris from your workshop and other areas with tough dirt in the shortest possible time and with little energy. However, as a caution, it has some cons of battery life. You have to get enough battery backup to use it for over 20mins.

There are many other good air compressor alternatives that are available in the market right now. You are better served to purchase one for yourself to enjoy its many benefits.